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We are webcraftr. We follow best practices, consistently delivering quality products.

our capabilities

We have built websites… a lot of them. Whether you’re looking for a small website with only a few pages, or need a large corporate website or e-commerce solution, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver.

We specialize in custom web applications, and have built numerous solutions for complex problems. Our framework allows for rapid and precise development. Of course, this all depends on numerous variables such as core requirements, size, and complexity. Regardless, we focus on delivering exactly what you need, in the timeframe you need it in.

Every solution requires a solid user experience, which largely hinges on quality design. We have the ability to take your vision, and apply it to the final product with the style and logic required for high quality end-user experiences and workflows.

our craft + technologies

We design, we code, the web. We are experts in the following technologies:

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our background

Our names, Nate and Gor. We love helping businesses and organizations realize their true potential through innovative web-based solutions.

Our offerings are diverse, ranging from small personal websites, large corporate websites, custom web applications, to full-blown e-commerce solutions. With precision and deep expertise, we pride ourselves in consistently delivering beautiful products.

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  • Goran Halusa

    Goran has been developing and designing innovative web applications for over 17 years, and is a graduate of the School of Communication Arts (now Living Arts College), Raleigh, NC.

    Other roles and interests:
    husband, dad, musician, artist, chef, bicycling

    Goran on Twitter

    Goran’s Personal Website

  • Nate Starner

    Nate is a web developer guru, creating applications from conception to realization. Nate has a Master’s Degree in Information Management from the University of Maryland College Park.

    Other roles and interests:
    husband, dad, fitness enthusiast, bicycling

    Nate on Twitter

    Nate’s Personal Website